Still Chugging Along!

At long last, the Mama Bear has emerged from her cave…

It’s only been 4 months… That’s about a decent amount of time to recuperate after having a third child right?

I watched a video today about motivation being a myth. The speaker claimed that people in general don’t really get motivated; they do things despite being unmotivated. Message: Don’t wait around for “motivation” because it will never come. Today, right now, go and DO whether you feel like it or not. Whoa.

So here I am. I write because it helps me to feel more “me”. It makes me feel fuller, more fulfilled, more alive. It helps me to release and to relax. To allow the twists and bends and knots and chaos to slowly, quietly sort itself out. And secondly to (hopefully) keep my brain (somewhat) sharp. To salvage whatever nuts and bolts I still have left in there and keep them from getting tarnished and rusty. I swear with each child I lose a little more of my brain capacity. I saw an absolutely accurate descriptive image floating around online:


It’s so true you just have to laugh because otherwise you’ll cry.

A few things have changed. Our kids outnumber us, my daughter is 3, I’m now a permanent size Medium (recently chucked my pipe dream out with all my old Smalls and Extra Smalls), my husband is changing jobs, he’s back in the gym, I became Assistant Pastor at my church, I have my first homemade Thanksgiving dinner under my belt, we have a new closet rod, I’ve turned over a new leaf and am cleaning more consistently (I’m basically Marie Kondo now! … Not really. But the first step is verbalizing! I’ll get there.). But essentially I’m the same ol’ same ol’. Just slightly more frazzled if that’s possible. Ha! Lord help me…

Deep breath. It’s ok. I got this. We got this.

How To Love Your To Do List Book Review

A good friend of mine recently published a book which is now available in paper and electronic form on Amazon! He is approaching the top 500 in Kindle books!

I would NOT endorse his book if I didn’t enjoy (and benefit from) it. It really is worth the read! And for a limited time, it is available FREE (that’s right, folks!) There is no good reason for you not to go check it out. You’ll get through it in at most several hours, and then you can jump right into making it all a reality in your life!

Here is the link!

A sage and wise reviewer (wink wink) wrote:

I am 100% satisfied with my purchase! Sam Uyama has written a thorough yet simple, step-by-step tutorial on how to create the most effective To Do system, and therefore have the freedom to relax and enjoy life sans unnecessary stress. (Because life is so much more than your To Do list! ūüėČ ) Complete with practical and immediately applicable tips (my favorites are create “Next Action” oriented To Dos, categorize To Dos into separate lists, create a Tickler File, and designate Most Important Tasks), this book provides a pathway for those looking to be more efficient. In addition, Sam shares helpful (might I add life changing) organizational apps and websites along with free downloads of templates he created himself. To top it all off, he showcases a witty and endearing sense of humor throughout.

Special thank you to Sam for writing such a handy little guide aaaand for allowing me to sneak away with an advert as my entire post for this week (This girl is tired).


Oh, heeeeeeey guys…….

Whatdya know – Thursday came and went and then Friday came and went and…I completely forgot to write!

To those of you who missed meals and stayed up all night worrying about why I didn’t write and what on earth had become of me, my sincerest apologies! Rest assured; everything is a-ok. Just got a little busy/absent-minded.

Life is going well. We are chugging right along. T is playing nice with his friends at school and also doing much better with his sister at home. Their friendship is blossoming as she becomes more and more active and (attempts to be) verbal. She is googoogagaing and oobeedoobeeing her heart out and it is just the cutest thing; I go right along with her and act as if I know just exactly what she is talking about. You know the lines: “Oh, is that so?”, “Ya don’t say?”, “How fascinating!”

Just today, the offspring were having the time of their lives playing and laughing in the tub. Amazing what a bunch of running water and bubbles can do. It gives me the warm fuzzies to see them getting along. After their bath, as we were getting ready for bed, Brother toted Sister around here and there and they exchanged 8 or 10 hugs.

Ooh! I should mention we¬†had a nice little lunch out with Shin Haraboji (Paternal Grandfather in Korean) and Appa (Father) today. Port of Call buffet in Hackensack. Delicious. If you live in NJ and haven’t checked it out, put it on your list! And no, they have not paid me to tell you that.

Apologies again for being scatterbrained. Will be back on schedule next week! A fabulous weekend to you! Ta ta!

I’mma Be Real for a Sec

Hey guys.

Tbh (that’s “to be honest,” for those who are not quite up to date on the hip lingo), this blogging thing is getting hard! I’ve promised myself I’m going to aim for an¬†update once a week cause I want to have a certain amount of consistency both for me and for my (hundreds and thousands of!) readers. So far, I’ve generally been updating on Thursdays or Fridays. So, here we are on Friday night, down to the wire. And once again, I’m going through my handful of drafts on incomplete thoughts and commentaries on life. I can’t seem to get enough juice out of any of the topics. I guess this is what they call Writer’s Block! (Yes, I only blog, and yes, I¬†consider¬†myself a writer now, thankyouverymuch ;)) I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so I really dislike hitting “Publish” when I don’t feel so¬†proud of the words I’ve put together. Reminds me of how I felt as I scrambled¬†to finish five page papers in Philosophy (yes, it always seemed to be Philosophy or Theology…) the night before they were due. Little to no research, just some long, drawn out mumbo jumbo I tried to make sound “profound.” Hopefully, profound enough that the professor would say to himself, “Good heavens, this girl has gone so far into the realms of spirituality and philosophy, I’m not even sure I understand what she’s talking about! Best give her an A.” No such luck. Moral of the story, kids: Do not put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Betcha never heard that one!

And so I shall continue to ramble on aimlessly seeing as how none of my other topics are working out right now… I’m being taken back to my college days, now that I’ve talked about writing papers, so I suppose I’ll expand more on those days.

I went to St. John’s University in Queens, NY. Graduated with a Bachelors in Elementary Education. I definitely enjoyed those 4 years, but they don’t particularly stand out. I suppose it has a lot to do with the fact that I didn’t get¬†involved with extracurriculars aside from a few clubs here and there, and the fact that I didn’t live on campus. I would assume living on campus would contribute to a sense of belonging and pride and “school spirit” if you will.¬†Those of you who lived on campus, what do you think?

St. John’s has a beautiful, green campus and, from my experience, highly dedicated staff and great facilities. They have a state-of-the-art fitness center (I admit I generally just used the treadmill the whole time, but I witnessed a bunch of other people really getting their workout on!), spacious dining halls, and the D’Angelo Center (my favorite) always has something fun going on. Granted it has been…almost 5 years, so things have undoubtedly changed, but hopefully for the even better! For those of you who were scouring the internet trying to decide if St. John’s would be a good choice for your soon-to-be college student, You’re Welcome! And for the rest of you reading (that means you, Gram and Gramps!), please bear with me until I get my head back on straight and have a system down which can produce some decent reading material on a consistent basis. I can and I will figure this out! Promise!

*Knots in stomach* *Hands shaking* Publish!

Let the Blogging Begin

Way back when, life was simple. I didn’t have a worry in the world. All I needed was my mom, my dolls and a handful of¬†gummy bears. And I was good. I was happy. And so that must have meant everyone was happy. Of course, being 5 years old, the spectrum of my mind didn’t reach all that far, so as far as I was concerned, all was well in the world. Ah, those were the days.

And then there was that first summer I spent out of the country. South Korea to be exact. A retreat of sorts. Recovering from my very first heartbreak, yet surprisingly and refreshingly hopeful. I met such a variety of people and they were all wonderful. I remember the spontaneous birthday party and outburst of song, and the random showering of simple gifts throughout the day. And meeting R! The most genuine, most hilarious girl I had ever met up until that point. How we sang and we laughed and we cried. Aw man, THOSE were the days.

And who could forget those couple of years I lived with the 8¬†people who became my best friends of all time? The most accepting, caring, and exciting bunch I’ve ever known. The house was always noisy and bustling – so different from my household growing up. Never before or since then have I ever felt more comfortable in my own skin and so fully free to express myself. And the best part was: every day was just downright FUN! Gosh, those were REALLY the days!!

It’s easy for us to look back on times in our lives that we remember as happier/easier/less stressful/more fun. Andy Bernard¬†said in The Office, “I wish there was a way to know you’re in “The Good Ol’ Days” before you’ve actually left them.” I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Maybe THESE are the days, the ones we’ll miss. Maybe in 2 years, 5 years or 10 years, we’ll look back on these very days that we are in the midst of with that same longing in our hearts.

So, for that reason, I start this blog. This blog is a reminder to¬†myself and my way of saying to the world that I am grateful for now. I vow to appreciate the here and now, though it’s not always easy. A couple of sub-reasons, if you will, are:¬†1- to give myself something to do to decompress after a long day of running around after 2 toddlers, and 2- to honor my Mother who passed away exactly one year ago, today. How exactly is this honoring my mother? Simply because I dedicate this entire blog to her and for that reason, every time I write, I will think of her. And if someone along the way is moved¬†or tickled by something I write, I will take comfort in knowing that it is all in her name. I foresee this blog consisting of a good balance of humor (cause Lord knows we mamas need a sense of humor to keep up going) and depth (should I have any profound inspirations to share). Anyone who decides to come along for the ride, I am so happy to have you.

*EDIT* Mom passed away one year ago¬†yesterday, November 26th. When I published this, I hadn’t yet figured out the proper time zone setting.