Stay at home mom to 5 year old boy T, 3 year old girl Y, and newest addition 11 month old W! Residing in New Jersey, but part New Yorker and part Southerner at heart. Trying to be a keep it together, teach by example, pour your heart into it, keep a sense of humor mama while missing my own.

Things change forever when you lose someone you love, but life goes on and there are so many beautiful things left in it.

More about me:

Let the Blogging Begin

A Little Bit More About Me

My business:

I’m a rep for Atomy, a global distribution company founded in Korea that specializes in all natural home, health, and beauty products. Known for their patented technologies and breakthrough research in conjunction with the Korean government, Atomy is steadily becoming a household name! Learn more at http://www.atomy-usa.com (Log in with ID 5167617 and password success to view the Shopping Mall with detailed product info) or shoot my team an email at theatomyadvisor@gmail.com!

Follow us on Facebook at The Atomy Advisor and on Instagram at atomypal 😊


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