Healthy Snacking

So, I’m finally realizing, in my old age, that 


is actually freaking amazing.

Anyone ever make their own? I have GOT to try. I used to turn my nose up at hummus without giving it much of a chance, but this past year, I tried some Tribe Lemon Focaccia with carrots (has to be carrots!) and I gave it enough of a chance…to where I fell in love 😍. To my horror, the local grocery stores I checked didn’t offer Lemon Foccaccia. So, like their website instructs, I emailed Tribe to let them know! I am happy to report that Tribe customer service agents are super cool! They apologized for my distress, suggested I talk to the managers of the stores, and mailed me a ONE FREE Hummus pack coupon! WHAT!! 

So, I decided to try their regular ol’ “classic”. Not as exciting as Lemon Focaccia, but still delicious! I’m currently furiously cutting up a whole bag of carrots. Another element of inspiration is that I’m now getting tons of extra wholesome veggies! My eyes are gonna be amazing! (I hope my skin doesn’t turn orange. As soon as I see a sign of that, I will slow down.)

Another GREAT way to get your veggies in is with Lipton or Knorr (I’ve found them to be equally delicious) spinach dip. It’s essentially mayo, sour cream, spinach (I personally prefer to leave out the water chestnuts), and an intoxicating mix of heavenly spices. I still stick to carrots with this dip, but I’m sure everyone likes different veggies.

Happy (healthy) snacking!


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