No Pornovember

Yeah, you read right! I’m talking about porn. Someone’s got to. (It does take some guts for me to write about controversial things. My arms are tingling.)

Porn has personally affected (read: wounded) myself and my loved ones and the Fight the New Drug movement is a cause that I hold dear to my heart.

I’m not dishing out judgment. Life is hard. Everyone deals with things. I just wanted to share some truth, some hope and some light on the subject. I believe in transparency and honesty and a good ol’ dose of reality. Porn affects the vast majority of young men and women in this day and age (first exposure becoming younger and younger) and it’s anything but harmless. Growing up, no one talked to me about it, and I am committed to being more engaged with my children at every stage on this topic along with all other tough issues of our modern day.

With that, I leave you your required reading for the night: Fight the New Drug – No PorNovember! Sign up for updates if this cause is important to you!

Obviously, feel free to share with anyone and everyone!

Peace and love ❤️


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