The Sister in Law

Tonight, J is on a plane to California. I knew I was going to miss her, but it’s only now dawning on me just how MUCH I’m going to miss her. This place doesn’t feel the same!

I waited these extra couple days to sit down and write because I’ve been trying to squeeze in as much time with her as possible. My other sister in law and I planned a little surprise party last week and everyone got together to sing and eat cake and say their last good byes. I made J a calendar full of pictures for her to remember us by (It came exactly on time, too! Shutterfly is the best!). We also had a last romantic breakfast (Patisserie Florentine in Englewood- so adorable!) and last romantic comedy (How to Be Single, finally) together.

“The Last Breakfast” at Patisserie Florentine. J ordered their Tartine de Saumon

J is a couple years younger than my husband and a couple years older than me. She’s always been very close to and protective of her family and I used to be intimidated by her like all the rest of them! My friends used to see pictures of J and I on family vacations or little outings and say, “You and your sister in law seem really close.” and a puzzled look would come across my face. I mean, to be honest, I didn’t feel that close to her before (blame it on the pressure of being an inlaw, the language barrier, tension over different opinions about things, who knows exactly). But NOW, I can say with certainty that after living next door to her for almost 9 months, I’ve grown to absolutely adore her! We’ve talked more than we ever used to and learned more about each other we never knew. While she was living here, we had a couple of arguments but we have grown to understand each other and grown closer through them.

J has changed a lot since we first became inlaws 7 years ago. She has matured in so many ways, probably more than she knows. The woman she is now is empathetic, understanding, reasonable, reliable, responsible, hard working, determined, and brave.  She’s also pretty funny (and I know funny! 😜) 

And that’s not all! J’s patience and motherly instinct has grown in leaps and bounds (I must say she has my kids to thank for that 😉) In fact, she’s excellent at handling my (often rambunctious) kids. She has spent several days and nights feeding, entertaining, dressing, even putting to sleep both my 2 and 4 year old! Anyone who loves and understands my kids wins me in a second.

I’m so impressed by you, J! I’m going to miss sneaking over after my kids fell asleep to watch movies and gossip on your bed. I’m moping around asking myself Who’s going to make pumpkin pie with me?, Who’s going to do my nails?, Who’s going to massage me?, and most importantly, “Who’s going to go to the gym with me?” I’m seriously dismayed at the thought of losing my gym buddy.

I love you, J! I hope you’re welcomed with open arms in Cali, and that you feel completely loved and taken care of because you so deserve it. You’re beautiful and strong and you’re going to do great things over there! Until we meet again (really, really soon!!!) 😘


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