Late Night Thoughts

To my fellow parents:

Have you ever stopped and stared at your little one(s) and thought, “Man, I have it so good. My life is just the best, the absolute BEST!”

Sometimes I’m going about my day and I’m suddenly just overtaken by this overwhelming sense of joy. Like my heart is going to burst because I love them so much more than I ever thought it was possible to love someone.

Children are phenomenal, sensational, inexplicably priceless.  They are mini versions of us, extensions of us, beautiful little messes coming into their own. It’s fantastic to discover the resemblances physically, emotionally, and in personality.

Every day life is so hard sometimes, but all in all we are simply blessed. Our little ones look to us for love, attention, recognition, acceptance, explanation/understanding of the world, calming of their fears, lifting up of their strengths and their dreams. We have an awesome responsibility. We are shaping the future one little being at a time. I am humbled, honored and eternally grateful. And I pray that my patient, kind, God-centered parenting (#goals) will allow my children to grow up to leave a positive imprint on this world!

You’re doing great, moms and dads. You’re doing the most important job in the world. Keep it up.


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