So another thing I love is shopping. Who knew?! Considering I haven’t actually shopped for myself in let’s see 3 years and 9 months…. (with the exception of my birthdays) Ever since I became a mom, I have bought essentially nothing to treat myself (Full disclosure: I’m talking about clothes, not chocolate!) But back in the day, I used to love strolling the halls of Queens Center Mall with my high school gal pals. I could spend hours there. Everything was beautiful, everything was shiny and new. I wanted it all! Of course, I never had a high paying job in high school, so I could only afford a few choice pieces from H&M or Forever 21, say, but even so, they made me so happy!

I was reminded of this today when I met up with my grown up gal pals (Sigh… MUST we age?) at Garden State Plaza. No kids, no distractions, just good ol’ retail therapy. I snagged some basic necessities like leggings and a shirt from Uniqlo and super cute earrings from Aeropostale (Going out of Business Sale! Had to stop!) Lastly, from Macy’s, an adorable replacement for a particular shirt dress I used to wear all the time that I have been mourning ever since it got a giant hole in the armpit (What?) and I had to lay it to rest. 

So, I decided to play fashion blogger for a day. Those of you who are into fashion, this one’s for you! 

And now, for your viewing pleasure, today’s purchases! (As soon as I started taking these photos, I immediately regretted this post…This stuff is time consuming! Props to all you legit fashion bloggers out there. Also, sorry for the poor lighting and totally unprofessional background and modeling skills. I’ll call it…haphazard chic…)

Red and white plaid shirt dress by Ultra Flirt (Made in China. My people!) from Macy’s $16.99. (Originally $39 what what!) Black Heat Tech Pile Lined leggings (so comfy and soft!) from Uniqlo $14.90. (Is the very best thing about New Jersey no tax on clothes, or what?) Would go great with black or brown booties, but unfortunately I don’t own any, so I had to make due with these knee high boots from Payless (bought these too long ago to remember the price). Necklace: home made! (Oh, whoops, it’s backwards here. See next outfit)

My absolute favorite fall color is maroon (or is this burgundy? Some expert, please correct me) Supima Cotton V Neck Long Sleeve T: Uniqlo $14.90. Jeans: The Gap (also too long ago) Pro Mama Tip: High waisted jeans are your new best friend! Booties: Forever 21 (knowing Forever 21, probably like $20)

Finally, Aeropostale earrings! Each set was $2.99! I better not lose any of these… I am sick and tired of losing my earrings. 

Phew! That’s a wrap! What do you think guyssss?! How’d I do? 


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