Just Another Day

5:15 pm:

I’m hiding out in the kitchen away from my kids eating gluten free chocolate chip cookies I made last night (I avoid wheat as much as I can because I have a mild allergy). I’m flustered and jittery and impatient and chocolate is helping me cling onto some semblance of sanity. This happens a lot. I’ve gone through about 8/10 of the day, expended dizzying amounts of physical and emotional energy since the break of dawn, and I feel like I’m approaching some type of breaking point (or maybe “not giving a sh*t point” is a better assessment ). The kids are fighting, I’m exhausted, the dishes are still where I left them (where are those little elves when you need them?) I really shouldn’t be staying up so many nights watching Jimmy Fallon on YouTube. This is basically my own fault. Can we end this day early? Can I just hit sleep mode on both my kids now? Can I call in sick?

7:55 pm

I made it! 

Y drifted quickly to sleep in her crib without so much as a whimper (the past few days have been VERY different, but today I got lucky!)

T helped me put away about five puzzle pieces out of the thousands strewn across the living room floor (Every time without fail, he is overcome with exhaustion the instant I utter the word “clean”). I read the five books he requested, flossed and brushed his teeth [I’m super grateful that ever since I explained what the dentist said during our last visit – that he has a little dark spot on one tooth that will become a cavity (or in more appropriate terms, a black, yucky hole/monster) if he doesn’t floss and brush thoroughly, he doesn’t put up a fight!], prayed with him, and snuggled with him until he fell asleep (5 minutes BEFORE 8! Whoa!). Have I mentioned bedtime is my favorite part of the day? Being that I’ve been so tired all day, I would love to cut the vicious cycle and go to sleep now. I don’t think I have that luxury, though, because there are toys and shoes and undoubtedly small bits of food scattered here and there, and as I’ve mentioned, my elves seem to be on vacation. So, here I go! Off to clean the same dishes and the same floors I cleaned yesterday! (If I am giving you the impression I am a very organized and tidy person, that impression is wrong. I will be doing my usual quickly-throw-everything-into-containers clean up; nothing crazy) Maybe a little chocolate will make this all easier…


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