My Squishy

No, I’m not about to start talking about Finding Nemo! Although I do really want to watch the new one that just came out. Those of you who watched Finding Dory, tell me, DO they find Dory?! I certainly hope so because she is hysterical and she would be sorely missed.

When I say my Squishy, I am referring to my 21 month old baby girl. Y is growing like a weed! She moves faster, talks faster (the little slurred phrases she pieces together are so adorable! My favorite in Korean is Ana joh meaning “hold me” and in English I cannot do it!), learns faster. Everything is faster! I think sometimes she just has to keep up with her brother (or rather just plain survive living with her brother). She’s already scrubbing herself in the tub, trying to use the potty, feeding herself with her fork and spoon (though she still has a pretty sad food in mouth to food on floor ratio because she gets bored. Maybe I should start being strict about that one).

Compared to her brother, this girl can be super loud! She squeals at the top of her lungs when she wants something (generally some type of snack), when her brother chases her around trying to take things from her, or when he’s just being whatever type of irritating he can think up. I’d like to think they will balance each other out as they grow up. I don’t want an overly mischievous and aggressive boy for a son, but I also don’t want an overly sensitive, timid girl for a daughter.


Baby girl is playful as ever. She has a million new faces and a million new dance moves. She loves to snuggle. Lying on top of and rolling all over Appa, and rotating and smushing her face against mine are some of her favorite pastimes. And I can’t get enough of it! Of COURSE she has her annoying, fussy, demanding and whiny moments, but all in all, she is a breath of fresh air. The way she bursts into a ball of giggles, holds my hand and urgently pulls me around, crinkles up her brow and pouts when she doesn’t get her way, and jumps up and down flailing her arms when I’m handing her a sweet, all have the power to transform my day.

Do you ever hold on to your warm, squishy, sweet smelling, perfect child for many moments longer than you intended, not because she is complaining and unable to fall asleep, but because you can’t bring yourself to let go of that cozy, heavenly feeling? Not to show off, but I would say I did a pretty good job sleep training Y (gently, gradually, but methodically) and she has been settling down very easily for naps and bedtime for as long as I can remember (hiccups here and there, but they always subsided), so she really doesn’t need more than 5 minutes of cuddles before she can be placed in her crib, but sometimes I just keep carrying her anyway. I say heck with the regressions, I’m gonna hold my baby! And I rock her and sing to her and stroke her hair and kiss her cheeks.

Sometimes these early years feel like they’re going to last forever, but before we know it, they will be gone. Soak in every moment!


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