How To Love Your To Do List Book Review

A good friend of mine recently published a book which is now available in paper and electronic form on Amazon! He is approaching the top 500 in Kindle books!

I would NOT endorse his book if I didn’t enjoy (and benefit from) it. It really is worth the read! And for a limited time, it is available FREE (that’s right, folks!) There is no good reason for you not to go check it out. You’ll get through it in at most several hours, and then you can jump right into making it all a reality in your life!

Here is the link!

A sage and wise reviewer (wink wink) wrote:

I am 100% satisfied with my purchase! Sam Uyama has written a thorough yet simple, step-by-step tutorial on how to create the most effective To Do system, and therefore have the freedom to relax and enjoy life sans unnecessary stress. (Because life is so much more than your To Do list! ūüėČ ) Complete with practical and immediately applicable tips (my favorites are create “Next Action” oriented To Dos, categorize To Dos into separate lists, create a Tickler File, and designate Most Important Tasks), this book provides a pathway for those looking to be more efficient. In addition, Sam shares helpful (might I add life changing) organizational apps and websites along with free downloads of templates he created himself. To top it all off, he showcases a witty and endearing sense of humor throughout.

Special thank you to Sam for writing such a handy little guide aaaand for allowing me to sneak away with an advert as my entire post for this week (This girl is tired).


Hitting the Gym

Hello, my loyal readers! I’m sure you all feverishly await my blog posts each week and keep every detail of my entries logged away, so you surely remember me posting on May 17th that I was planning to join my local gym.

Well….I did! June 1st. I figured I should just do one month even though it’s more pricey, because I don’t know what my schedule is going to be like in July and August (read “I don’t know who/how often someone might be able to watch my kids”). T is going to be cutting down on daycare time so we can save some dinero.

So! I’ve worked out on average¬†twice a week since I started. Most times with my sister in law. But recently, I gathered up my courage and went alone. I was so nervous! I was all jittery and my stomach was tying itself in knots. Going to the gym is NOT¬†in my comfort zone. I’m a total newb; I only know how to use a handful of the machines¬†(my sister in law showed me around a few times). I sat in my car for a minute, took a few deep breaths, and gave myself a pep talk:

What’s the worst that could happen?


The worst that could happen is I look like an idiot.

Eh. I can live with that.

I extracted myself from¬†my vehicle. Once I got up there, I think I managed to get away with looking semi familiar with the gym environment. I was repeating this mantra to myself: “Diane, the most important thing is you have to LOOK like you know where you’re going and what you’re doing. You can do this. You can fool them.”

I still have a long way to go. I think I’m gonna¬†do a couple quick Google searches: “Gym machines how to”, “Discovering muscles you didn’t know existed”, “Avoiding embarrassment at the gym”. You know, the real important stuff.

Me Before You

I’m eating dessert before dinner (as usual) thinking about my little ladies’¬†day out (nothing a little girl time can’t fix). We treated ourselves to a real live movie.

“A movie? What’s that?” – most moms

I am recently, FINALLY getting around to going to theaters again. We also got pedicures complete with massage and exfoliation! My calves are so soft!

So, we watched this movie called Me Before You – you may have heard of it? Causing a bit of a stir in some parts. I’ll give you my little review.


This adorable, bright spirited, warm hearted, incredibly expressive girl (Louisa, played by Emilia Clarke) lands a job as a caretaker for a young man (William, played by Sam Claflin) recently paralyzed from the neck down because of an accident. She comes from a humble family and she has been supporting¬†her parents financially for some time. She takes the job because she’ll take any job, really. Will is a strikingly handsome, witty man who is bitter about his injury and resultant resignation to his wheelchair. He is depressed and hardly breaks so much as a smile for the longest time; that is until quirky, friendly Clarke finally gets through to him.

I expected a sappy, happily ever after love story…maybe a few rainbows and unicorns… Boy, was I wrong.

The man kills himself. We don’t see how, but we witness him¬†making arrangements with some company which aids people in ending their lives. At the end of the movie, his parents and his new love interest stay by his side and say their last good byes.

I cannot come to terms with this. Perhaps it’s my upbringing. My faith (and my gut, really) tells me that suicide is not the answer and that the way we come into this world and the way we leave this world are things that should be left in God’s hands (well, this is tricky. I don’t think God actually plans each person’s death specifically. But I definitely don’t think we should have the opinion that we are only responsible and answerable to ourselves and that we can decide when we don’t want to exist anymore). Every single person’s life is infinitely precious and irreplaceable. Each person leaves a unique, meaningful imprint on the world that absolutely no one else can.

I can’t put my finger on what message the creator was intending for this movie (originally a book). I suppose she wasn’t trying to cater to the hopeless romantics, the so-called idealistic¬†audience members…or then again, maybe she was? Maybe in her mind, this was the most romantic thing Will could have done – to allow Louisa a better life, even through his death. Regardless, it just¬†doesn’t feel right to me for him to be gone; for him to just end it. I wanted them to grow old together! They would have been beautiful.

I couldn’t help putting myself in the place of Will’s¬†mother. What would I do if it were my son? If my son were asking me in all sincerity to help him end his life? If he showed and explained just how deeply he was suffering (physically, mentally, emotionally) and how unfulfilled he felt; how disappointing his very existence was. Will says in the movie he’s been “waking up every morning already wishing it was over”. It almost makes me sick to even imagine having to wrestle with this decision in my own family.¬†-end of serious bit-

If you’re reading this, I assume you’ve seen the movie (or never intended to, so didn’t mind the spoiled ending). If you’re like me, and you were left with a deep and profound void in your heart that could only be filled by Will (or at least Sam in one role or another) finding true happiness, I have good news! There is a movie out there that will do just that! (Ok, there are probably several, but I’m not the biggest movie watcher…I haven’t even seen The Hunger Games – For shame!, I know). It’s a few years old. “Love, Rosie”, it’s called. So cute. Total redemption for me.

Moments in Time

I want to memorialize a memory.

It was a few months before mom passed (August or September, 2014 I suppose). She had been getting better in some ways (or so we thought), but also getting worse in others. She was having a lot of trouble breathing (Stage 4 Cancer in her lungs). It scared her a lot and it scared me a lot, too, but I tried not to let on. She was afraid of coming downstairs from her little room on the second floor, because she dreaded the trip back up the stairs, during which she became tired and out of breath. I really wanted to bring her outside for some fresh air, but the best I could coax her to do was come down the first half of the stairs. There is a small landing in the middle of the stairway that holds a bench, some plants, and a couple of windows through which gentle light casts itself over the living room downstairs.

She had one hand on the railing and one hand in mine and she gingerly came through the doorway, and walked very slowly down, one foot in front of the other. I had to remind myself not to hurry her. Sometimes, I get used to the busyness of life and I automatically try to make everything faster and more efficient. This was not needed at that period in time. Mom didn’t need speed, tension, or stress. She needed peace, serenity, quiet reassurance.

Mom looked out the windows and smiled at the sun. She liked my suggestion of going halfway. I didn’t want to push her. She wanted to¬†sit and rest on the bench, and I let her. Her back was to the windows and she looked out over the rooms downstairs. She could see the front door and the porch outside where she used to like to lie down and¬†relax. I think she sat on that landing¬†for almost an hour. A few visitors came by. One friend sang¬†and played a song on guitar at her request, and¬†I followed. I held the guitar over my pregnant belly and sang a few songs¬†she loved including¬†As The Deer. I asked her to play and sing. She didn’t seem to have the energy to sing; she just strummed a tune or two and put the guitar down. I love my parents for giving me the gift of song.

My playful 1 year old scooted over and sat next to Grandma. They smiled and laughed, and I took pictures. Mom muttered a few¬†words to him, but mostly just gazed at him adoringly. She patted my son’s back¬†gently and grasped his little hands. He giggled and squealed, and beamed at her. He stood so that his face was just level with hers. Mom didn’t seem afraid. She seemed calmer than normal. I think he helped her forget. She liked to say she strove for “simple elegance”. She was simply elegant in that moment.