Progress Report on My New Year’s Resolutions

You may recall my amusingly simple and therefore certainly achievable New Year’s Resolutions. I promised an update and here it is!

On the off chance that you guys don’t painstakingly keep every detail of each of my posts carefully logged away, I shall refresh your memory:

Resolution #1: Follow 20 minute Youtube Post Partum (How long can one get away with being “post partum”? My daughter is 19 months old…) Yoga video every Tuesday while 1 year old is napping

Resolution #2: Enforce meal time prayers with kiddos

Resolution #3: Enforce daily morning service with kiddos (pray and read 5 minutes of children’s Scripture)

Resolution #4: Continue blog posts throughout the rest of the year – once a week either Thursday or Friday.

For number 1, I give myself a grade of….75%? I didn’t always do it at the originally intended time, but more often than not, I made it up at another time. Not bad, but not great…. BUT I am joining the gym my sister in law goes to next week, so this is to replace my at home yoga sessions.

Resolution number 2 gets about a 70% success rate.

Resolution number 3….probably around 65/70%. We have more success with praying than with actual study. Sometimes because of uncooperative participants, but many times, also, because of a forgetful or pressed for time mom.

And resolution number 4, 100%!!!! WHOOO!!! (If you must be absolutely precise, maybe 99, cause I did do that one post a day late.)

As you can see, 2 and 3 need the most work. Everything is a whirlwind in the morning! T wants to eat doughnuts first thing and chase Y around like a maniac, and Y wants to pull every single item out of the refrigerator (not to eat, just to play with) and draw on the walls… ME, I just want my children to wake up, wash up, pray, eat a decent meal of at least one protein and one vegetable, and most importantly, NOT have any type of meltdown in the process. [Also, I really wish Y would resist the urge to drop food all over the floor under her highchair. When she eats, it’s generally about a 50/50 ratio of food that ends up in her mouth to food that ends up on the floor (an improvement! if you can believe that)].

Sigh. Keep calm and carry on, right?


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