Things I Can’t Live Without

I have mentioned that I’m fickle. A few things I don’t think I could ever give up even if you paid me or if the almighty social media claimed they were abhorrent things reserved only for losers are:

1. CHOCOLATE (you may recall)

2. Country music (I used to be ignorant and hated it, but a good friend of mine converted me). I can’t claim to love the entire genre… There are exceptions, but I won’t mention names, so as not to offend any die hard, old school Country fans. Essentially, I lean towards the newer stuff (I prefer slightly less twang). Currently on repeat: Humble and Kind by Tim McGraw (perfect example of everything good about Country music)

3. Flowers. Pretty much any and all kinds. Roses, lilies, daffodils, irises, orchids, tulips, hyacinths, hydrangeas, carnations, daisies…you get the idea. If you love me, buy me flowers.

4.  Rain! My mom used to hate rain (she had a good reason), but I feel so at ease when it rains. I feel embraced by it; I feel loved by it. I love the sound of it on the roof (the perfect lullaby), the sweet, refreshing smell of it, the sight of it in droplets on the grass, the feel of it on my skin. The rain helps me wash things away and start fresh.

5. North Carolina. There are some amazing people in this state. My mom was from North Carolina and her siblings and their families are all still there (along with my BFFs and their family). There’s nothing quite like Southern hospitality. I have so many happy memories of visiting with different relatives as a child – the peaceful quietness I wasn’t used to, the squeaky front porch swings, the home made meals of lima beans and mashed potatoes, the giant (I was quite small), fluffy beds with ten pillows on top, the “y’all”s and the “Oh, Law”s, the old fashioned paintings, the rustic pianos, the birds chirping in the garden, the barefoot walks through the grass. Most of all, the smiling, laughing faces. I hold these memories even closer now, because my mom is in all of them. God, I miss her. If I try hard enough, I can remember far back enough to when the home place (as my mom always called the house she grew up in) was still lived in; furnished and kept with care – every bed made and every picture hung just so. To the time I spent with my grandparents – picking corn with Granddaddy, playing Pick Up Sticks with Grandmother (I don’t know why I tried so hard to cheat, but she never stood for it!), playing music and singing songs at Christmas. Those were some great ol’ days.

6. Oldies! My dad used to play 101.1 WCBS FM when we were in the car together and it drove me CRAZY for about a decade. And then one day, I found myself tapping my toes and humming right along. Now, I love me some 60s hits. Makes me think “better times”, even though I wasn’t around yet in those times. That’s just the feeling the songs radiate.

7. Singing. I am singing and singing is me. Runs in the family 😉 *ahem* Aunt C, Uncle T, Uncle E!

8. And speaking of family, I think it goes without saying that the very most important people in my life are God and my husband and children. I could never in a million years give any of that up. They make me whole. They give me meaning.

What are some things you can’t do without? I’d love to hear 🙂


2 thoughts on “Things I Can’t Live Without

  1. Love you, Diane. Family gatherings (definitely including singing) are a big part of my favorite memories, too. North Carolina loves you, too!


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