The Other Best Friend

Wait, what? I thought you just did a post on your best friend.

Yes, you are correct! Thanks for paying attention! It means a lot.

Coincidentally, I am one of the lucky few who actually has TWO best friends. Can you imagine? All the warm fuzzies and life enriching perks that come with having a best friend TIMES TWO!

You lucky devil.

I know.

D is actually C‘s sister. (That family must have some fantastic genes.) D is the mommy figure if you had to pick one out of all the siblings (there are a lot, by the way!). Watching her interact with her siblings and friends during those couple of years we spent together, what stood out to me was her nurturing heart. She is incredibly caring, considerate, and compassionate. She is also exceptionally patient and responsible. She has been this way since 2005 and has grown into an all around mature, independent, and elegant woman that I admire and aspire to be like.

Also, let me take a moment to say that she actually IS a mother now!!! (CONGRATULATIONS, MY LOVE!!! YOU DID IT!!! You are beautiful and strong and an inspiration.) I simply have no words for how excited I am for her and her hubby starting this exciting chapter in their lives. Now D and I will have even MORE hilarious stories and helpful advice to share with each other (after we’re done complaining about sleep deprivation and never ending laundry).

Some of my fondest memories with D are of us singing together. We are so in love with singing. It’s not about how we sound (though we’re not too bad if I do say so myself), but about feeling free and alive when we sing. D taught me to not be afraid of my voice; to sing loud and passionately for all to hear (we may or may not have sent her annoyed siblings running for the hills on occasion).

D spent a time overseas during which our communication took a dip (we have time difference and phone bills to thank for that). Like with C, however, no matter how much time passes between our phone conversations, we never develop an awkwardness or a distance. Our friendship is zip-lock sealed (for freshness)! It is and always will be a genuine and simply real connection.

I was reading a book by Mindy Kaling (This woman is so funny) and she mentioned best friends turning into just friends and that sounded so horrifying! I would never forgive myself if I let that happen between C and D and I. These sisters are the best thing that’s ever happened to me (besides the obvious ones). If you could see love, ours would be bright, bold and endlessly (obnoxiously) glittering.


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