My Love Affair with Chocolate

If you really, truly care about me, then you know that I really, truly care about chocolate. I really consider it one of the greatest things on the planet. It’s my best friend, my lover, my confidant. I go to it when I’m happy, when I’m sad…ok, pretty much any time at all when I’m feeling any way at all. Chocolate never lets me down. It solves all my problems (temporarily).

When I was pregnant, I craved chocolate even more than normal (if that’s possible). I went to sleep thinking about chocolate, dreamed about chocolate, and then woke up still salivating. I’m pretty sure there have been studies done that show it boosts our endorphins or something like that. Haven’t taken the time to go and look those up, but all that’s really important to me, personally, is that it’s delicious and it makes me feel GREAT.

I have shared more than a few choice statuses on Facebook – things to the effect of “How much chocolate is too much chocolate? *Feeling crazy*” and “Have you ever forced yourself to go to sleep early so as to prevent yourself from eating even more CHOCOLATE?” I may have a problem.

Speaking of chocolate, I friggin LOVE Entenmann’s Rich Frosted Doughnuts (I refuse to surrender to the madness and spell it “donuts”). I have found myself sitting in my kitchen on many occasions in utter awe wondering how in the heck they make those things SO INCREDIBLY DELICIOUS. I finally decided to check the ingredients….and I have something very sad to report.

THE MAIN INGREDIENT IS OIL. (Pro tip: the ingredients listed on a food product are listed in order from greatest to least amount contained). Even more than the bleached enriched flour (now that sh*t’s in everything)! Makes sense. That’s how they get that perfect gentle crunch on the outside. Cooking it in such a way with all that oil so as to make the outer shell just slightly crunchy – like chicken nuggets, but less crunch.

Unsurprisingly, discovering this sad reality has not deterred me from consuming an unhealthy amount of them every chance I get. My best bet is to just stop buying the things. That way, I don’t have to worry about my lack of self control. I can’t eat them if they’re not around!

Any other chocolate lovers out there? What chocolate dessert can YOU not resist?


6 thoughts on “My Love Affair with Chocolate

  1. Let us sing the praises of chocolate. My favorite chocolate is dark chocolate, roasted salted pecans, caramel and salt. I make my own by melting dark chocolate (85%), mixing in broken pecans, and spreading a layer on parchment paper. Then I melt caramels with a little cream and spread over the partially cooled chocolate. After a little cooling, I sprinkle with some sea salt. Finally, I pour and spread another layer of melted dark chocolate on top. After it is mostly cooled, but not completely set, I cut it into squares. My colleagues have threatened to ban me from the lunch table when I go too long without bringing them chocolate. Their favorite seems to be dark chocolate coated coconut balls (but they also like the caramel and chocolate with dried blueberry infused craisins.


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