A Day at the Deli

I’m working at my in laws’ deli today. They took a little road trip to South Carolina (my husband and 3 year old in tow!) to attend their younger son’s graduation from basic training (Whoo!!! Congrats, Soldier! We are so proud of you!)

So, I started working yesterday evening, then closed up shop at 12:30 am (ending my adventurous day by ushering out a homeless lady), lay in bed for what felt like an hour (but I was too scared to actually check the time), only to wake again less than 3 hours later to open up shop again at 4:30 am. I don’t know about you guys, but I am proud of myself for killing it (but not killing myself) the past couple days. Pretty impressive, I say.

I am typing this out on my iPhone (because why not? I’ve got nothing better to do in between tapping on my cash register). Also, I figure once in a while, I should write spontaneous posts and impress my (again, hundreds and thousands of) readers with my ability to be hilarious on demand.

Anyway, the lack of sleep is starting to get to me. My “You’re welcome”s have turned into “Y’wuhcums”. I also just this moment was caught staring, mouth open, at a customer for 3 seconds before snapping back to reality and handing him his change. 

I thought I was immune to sleepiness at this point because of all the sleep deprivation that comes with motherhood (and worsens with mother-of-twohood). But I guess this is another level of tiredness. I’ve been carrying boxes around and rearranging drinks all day in order to avoid dying of boredom during the lulls. Thankfully, I’m off soon! 45 more minutes, Diane! You can do it!

As I mentioned, my son is on a little trip with his daddy and grandparents and I am just so proud of him because as far as I’ve heard, he is being cooperative and well mannered (and to my greatest relief, not crying inconsolably for me). He was so good when we said good-bye! (The new robot I bought him helped) My little boy is growing up! I miss him!!! 

Also, I need a nap. 


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