My Giggly Wiggly Girl

My little angel baby who is no longer sleeping through the night and who now naps at a much more inconvenient time for me is doing well otherwise. She’s teething up a storm and just starting to get the sniffles again, but this Winter hasn’t been too bad in terms of sickness around here. So, I’m grateful.

I weaned 1 year old by the first week of December. Partially because I didn’t want to wait too long and find myself with a super attached baby. She was still quite easy going at 13 and a half months old. If I took something away from her, she might have whined or cried a bit, but didn’t usually throw a fit and demand it back. I decided I should start the process before she took on a new personality (which she now has!)! As our little ones grow and learn over time, they become increasingly more aware of their surroundings; of their capabilities and their desires. I wasn’t sure when the time would come that she would decide she was very much in love with nursing and was not about to stop. The other reason was that I felt the need to “prove my midwife wrong”. I seem to have a little bit of a competitive, prideful side to me… She asked me when I weaned Big Brother and I said 14 months, but that I planned to wean Little Sister around 12. She followed with a smile, “You will probably end up weaning her at 16 months, because on average women end up weaning their consecutive children later.” Of course she didn’t MEAN to insult me at all or to challenge my resolve as a mother, but my new-found need to defend and prove myself which began when I became a mother reared its flustered head. And so, there you have it! I took the bull by the horns and patiently, gradually weaned my little cutie. She’s on to regular milk now (all varieties: mostly almond and cow’s but occasionally also rice, cashew, or soy. I like the idea of a nice balance.)

I hope that this doesn’t come off as judgmental of women who breastfeed past the first year. Whatever works for you and your baby, mama! I am in full support of breastfeeding well into the 2nd or 3rd year if that’s what makes you both happy! For my daughter and I, 12 months old felt right and went rather painlessly. And added bonus: I’m happily back to a normal wardrobe, instead of being limited to the clothes that have the proper snaps and clips and ties and layers. I can wear dresses that don’t require special functions of pulling up or pulling down! #breastfeedingproblems

My little Squishy is growing up! She’s already less squishy than she used to be… Her character is changing as she gets older and discovers more about herself and the world. But she’s as adored and treasured as ever. I love that she truly wears her heart on her sleeve. You can read on her face exactly how she feels. It’s clear as day. This girl loves to eat, and as she whimpers up at you and points to something yummy on the counter, her face is slightly contorted and desperate. As soon as you hand her said item, she transforms into a glowing, giddy ball of smiles and giggles in half a second flat.

Side note: As I write this, Little Darling is literally playing with matches… *familiar exasperated sigh of a mother* Off to save lives yet again! 🙂


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