I’mma Be Real for a Sec

Hey guys.

Tbh (that’s “to be honest,” for those who are not quite up to date on the hip lingo), this blogging thing is getting hard! I’ve promised myself I’m going to aim for an update once a week cause I want to have a certain amount of consistency both for me and for my (hundreds and thousands of!) readers. So far, I’ve generally been updating on Thursdays or Fridays. So, here we are on Friday night, down to the wire. And once again, I’m going through my handful of drafts on incomplete thoughts and commentaries on life. I can’t seem to get enough juice out of any of the topics. I guess this is what they call Writer’s Block! (Yes, I only blog, and yes, I consider myself a writer now, thankyouverymuch ;)) I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so I really dislike hitting “Publish” when I don’t feel so proud of the words I’ve put together. Reminds me of how I felt as I scrambled to finish five page papers in Philosophy (yes, it always seemed to be Philosophy or Theology…) the night before they were due. Little to no research, just some long, drawn out mumbo jumbo I tried to make sound “profound.” Hopefully, profound enough that the professor would say to himself, “Good heavens, this girl has gone so far into the realms of spirituality and philosophy, I’m not even sure I understand what she’s talking about! Best give her an A.” No such luck. Moral of the story, kids: Do not put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Betcha never heard that one!

And so I shall continue to ramble on aimlessly seeing as how none of my other topics are working out right now… I’m being taken back to my college days, now that I’ve talked about writing papers, so I suppose I’ll expand more on those days.

I went to St. John’s University in Queens, NY. Graduated with a Bachelors in Elementary Education. I definitely enjoyed those 4 years, but they don’t particularly stand out. I suppose it has a lot to do with the fact that I didn’t get involved with extracurriculars aside from a few clubs here and there, and the fact that I didn’t live on campus. I would assume living on campus would contribute to a sense of belonging and pride and “school spirit” if you will. Those of you who lived on campus, what do you think?

St. John’s has a beautiful, green campus and, from my experience, highly dedicated staff and great facilities. They have a state-of-the-art fitness center (I admit I generally just used the treadmill the whole time, but I witnessed a bunch of other people really getting their workout on!), spacious dining halls, and the D’Angelo Center (my favorite) always has something fun going on. Granted it has been…almost 5 years, so things have undoubtedly changed, but hopefully for the even better! For those of you who were scouring the internet trying to decide if St. John’s would be a good choice for your soon-to-be college student, You’re Welcome! And for the rest of you reading (that means you, Gram and Gramps!), please bear with me until I get my head back on straight and have a system down which can produce some decent reading material on a consistent basis. I can and I will figure this out! Promise!

*Knots in stomach* *Hands shaking* Publish!


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