No More Naps for Mama

So remember when I said I liked to use the time T was at daycare to take naps? Welp! Those days are over! My daughter (you may recall, my little “angel baby”) has decided it’s time for her to nap later in the day (only one nap a day now). Our new routine is that I get her down around 12:30/45 just in time for me to go pick up her brother. I’m a little bit disappointed that I no longer have “nap” as one of my available options during the first half of the day… She’s also been waking up at night again! Three times last night… YAYYYYYY. I suppose this is the one they call the “14 Month Sleep Regression” (you know, the one right after the 13 Month Sleep Regression and before the 15 Month Sleep Regression? Ok, I’m exaggerating. But sometimes it feels like it never ends!) I will confess that when I refer to a baby being a “good” baby or an “angel” baby, I basically just mean they sleep easily and soundly! My daughter is still relatively easy to get down, but she seems to be awoken more easily now. There was one time she just lay herself right down mid-playtime and nestled in for a nap right in the middle of the living room among the firetrucks and Transformers (poor girl has to make due with her brother’s hand-me-downs). I look forward to the day this miracle might occur again with stars in my eyes!

Sooooo, I’m back to being tired ALL THE FREAKING TIME. Thank God T isn’t waking up at night anymore (He was sick a few weeks ago). I would be FINISHED.

On a less depressing note, last week, I went out with a couple of girlfriends to watch Sisters in theaters. For my Jersey folks, if you haven’t been to the Starplex Cinemas in Ridgefield Park and experienced their luxury reclining armchairs, go check it out! Totally upgrades the experience. I don’t know how long they’ve been there, but I have been missing OUT! Since having kids, going to see movies has dropped on my priority list from somewhere in the top 10 to about….349. I think the last movie I saw in theaters before this one was Gravity (Sandra Bullock and George Clooney) with the Mister.

Sisters was just ok for me. Tina Fey (let me just mention real quick that she is one HOT mama! She and Amy Poehler both have two kids). It was a fun enough way to pass the time, but it didn’t stand out in any way. Most of the movie takes place at a party the middle aged sisters throw as a way of reliving their youth and proving to themselves and their friends that they’ve “still got it”. Both women are hilarious and have great chemistry (made me wish I had a sister!), but I wouldn’t plan on rewatching the movie anytime soon. I DO, however, plan to have another girlfriends outing ASAP! If I can’t get a decent nap during the day, the least I can do is squeeze in a little decent adult conversation now and then 🙂


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