Memorable Moments from T’s 2nd Year

A few choice phrases, conversations and moments from my silly little monkey of a child’s past year of life (my best attempt at chronological order):

1. “Stop tinkling me!” > Stop tickling me

2. That time I lost my engagement ring and late mother’s ring after leaving them on the bathroom counter to wash my hands. T, when I asked him if he touched them, very clearly motioned to me that he put them in the toilet. “Did you flush it?” Nod. Me: My life is over!!! Thankfully, he was completely confused and didn’t know what I was asking or what he was saying. Found the rings 3 days later in my purse…

3. His favorite word being “hippopamulus” (Can you guess what that is?)

4. That time (ok, it was definitely not just one time) I sat on the bathroom floor (we don’t have a lot of rooms in our apartment) eating a late dinner cause I couldn’t find the time during normal hours #dontwakethenewbaby

5. Asking T if he wants something or not (as in “Are you going to drink this water or not?”) and when his answer is no, him saying “or not” #raisingbilingualkids

6. “What’s him happenings?” > What’s happening to him? (usually referring to a character in a book)

7. That week T demanded that we start a tradition of washing dishes together every night – side by side; soap and water flying. Cutest and most annoying part of each day

8. The way he said ‘fyu instead of “if you” i.e. “You can have a piece of my cracker ‘fyu want to!”

9. That time he decided his sleep companion for the night should be his new Avengers light up sneakers

10. “I’m poopenings!” > Does this one need a translation?

11. “My kochu (male private part in Korean) is happening!” > You can also probably guess

12. Him thinking five is the biggest number in the world. “It was five ouchie! Not one ouchie! FIVE ouchie!” (his answer when we were recalling a burn incident and I asked him if it was ouchie. Pretty traumatic day! I’ll explain more sometime. He’s completely healed, though; not to worry.)

13. Mom: “T, did you just pee here on this blanket?”
Son: “No”
“T! It’s wet right here. Did. You. Pee. On. This. Blanket?”
“…..Tuesday?” *facepalm

14. That time I hid the goody bags I prepared for his sister’s birthday party in a very tricky place since he’s SO good at finding (and destroying/devouring) things he’s not supposed to…and then I couldn’t find them myself

15. “Mommy, your arm is so nice” This is while we’re cuddling and he’s soothing himself to sleep by rubbing my upper arms. He still does this….no clue…

16. And my very favorite: “Mommy, I love you soooo much!” This warms my heart like no other

Looking forward to all the funny, aggravating, and heartwarming experiences to come in year THREE!


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