Happy Birthday, Little (not so little) Prince

My son’s 3rd birthday just passed, so I see it only fitting to dedicate a post to my baby boy! 3 is such a funny age. They seem like both babies and big kids at the same time. I have a feeling it’s going to be one of those transition ages in which he goes through a great many changes in a short period of time.

T is many things. He is studious (well, as studious as one can be at 3. And I’m not making this up! Ask his teachers!), compassionate, handsome (thank you, husband!), headstrong, and passionate. He’s got some huuuge feelings in that tiny little body of his. Big, powerful feelings that he sometimes doesn’t know what to do with. I see the same temper in him that I have (which I didn’t even KNOW I had until I had little people come into my life and test me in ways I never could have foreseen!) I try not to put him in a box just yet, though. He is, after all, only starting out in this game of life and has years and years to go in which he will change and grow. Who he is now is certainly not an immediate indicator of who he will be when he gets older. My job (both an honor and a terror at the same time) is to nurture, support and love him every joyful and every challenging step of the way.

We had a simple, but darling little party at his daycare center (you may recall the one I raved about) with a few classmates. I made his cake (ok, out of a box. But I decorated it from scratch!) and brought over fruits, various munchies, and a bunch of helium balloons. I tell you, this way was waaay cheaper than renting a room in one of those party places. I saved myself at least $350. One day, we’ll go that route (they do look fun!), but at this age, T is happy with simple. Plus, he got to have a second tiny party! So, that makes up for it, right? We gathered with extended family (granddaddy, a handful of aunts and uncles, a couple of cousins, and a family friend) in New York. One yummy chicken dinner, one delicious ice cream cake, and five Transformer presents later, he was a happy, happy child. Thank goodness, because when he’s happy, he’s a delight. When he’s not….well, we’ll save that for another blog post.

I wish my mother were here to see it all. Sometimes, I’m floating along, everything seems hunky dory, and then it hits me. That void. I’m reminded that someone very special is missing. Yes,  I believe she is still around, just in another form. And I believe she does, in fact, see much of what we do in our daily lives. It’s still hard adjusting to not having her physically, though. A smart woman reminded me that she lives on through me and through my kids. Perhaps that’s the most important thing to remember. As they say, keep calm and carry on!


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