Mommy Gets to Stay This Time!

T’s daycare center had a little open house/parent teacher night today. Not like they do in older grades with structured one on one time between each teacher and each parent, but a casual presentation among all of us as one group, along with the chance to view some of our child’s completed work. T showed me some beautiful scribbles of dinosaurs and our family in the form of disproportionate half stick figures, among other masterpieces. We took lots of pictures and ate lots of snacks at the teeny tiny tables I can’t get enough of.

I love T’s daycare center. The teachers there are so dedicated and put so much heart into what they do. It’s hard leaving your children in the hands of others, especially when they’re not your friends or family. The first time we put T in daycare, he cried every day for a month! …Which means I cried every day for a month! Longer than any of the other kids, they said. Granted he was only going 3 times a week, so it took longer to adjust. That month felt like an eternity. But finally, FINALLY, he started to look forward to it every morning, and he’d have the same little cheeky grin on from the moment I left until the moment I picked him up.

After I felt more settled with the new one, we agreed to have both kiddles (I’ve been using “kiddles” my whole life. I got it from my mom. I wonder if we are the only ones…) stay at home with me. That lasted about 8 months… and then I slowly began to lose my mind… T was constantly picking on Y (part out of boredom and part out of plain facetiousness). Y was helpless (still fairly immobile back then) and I was tearing my hair out trying to get one sink full of dishes done from about 7 in the morning to 7 at night. ~All I want for Christmas is a dish-wa-sher~

Thank God my husband (Yes! There is a man in this picture!) swooped in and suggested we mix in some daycare a few hours a day. HE SAVED ME. I am in a much better place emotionally, mentally, and physically since T started daycare again. And he adjusted way faster this time! I think he cried for 3 days. Now, he LOVES it. He didn’t want to leave today after the parent teacher night. One of the other parents empathized, saying, “Every night, we have to convince C that she can’t spend the night here.”

For our family, daycare is a win win! (Those of you out there that spend years with 2, 3, 4 kids 100% at home, I applaud you! It is so hard! You are amazing!) T loves the socialization and learns impressive new skills daily, and I get a little peace and quiet (Y’s middle name is Peaceandquiet, so no problems there). Time to collect my thoughts. Time to do dishes and laundry. Time to NAP (my favorite). Life is good.


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